The ManEx Method

We’ve all seen the machines in the gym. Unfortunately, over my years as an exercise professional, I’ve also seen the downside to these machines. Patients performing exercise with too much weight. With improper technique. Without even engaging the muscles they’re attempting to train. Predictably, after many months, these patients had not achieved the results they desired and needed. That’s when I developed the ManEx Method.

Instead of using machines and free weights, which can cause patients to compensate and perform their exercises improperly, the ManEx Method uses only the resistance of the therapists hands, your body weight, and exercise bands. Thousands of cases have shown that this approach helps you use your muscles the way they were designed to, and will help you decrease pain and improve your body better than any method out there.

Exercise is a way of life. Get the most of it!

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Dmitry R. Choklin

Cell: (917) 328-8098
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