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Good exercise habits must be formed at a young age. Unfortunately, kids growing up where I work in Manhattan do not have the kinds of open spaces available to them to run around and play for most of the year, nor are their quick “gym classes” sufficient. Also, many times their after school sports coaches are teachers of other subjects with little formal advanced movement training. I have been helping boys and girls in Manhattan and the Hamptons to achieve their potential for over 10 years. Here are some ways your son or daughter can benefit from the DmitryPt program.

  • Improve sports specific (baseball, basketball, football, track and field, lacrosse, etc) performance to be the best player on their team and gain the confidence that comes from winning.
  • Win a scholarship. With rising tuition costs, this is even more important in today’s economy. The CityKid Movement program has helped its kids win hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships over the years by preparing them for tryouts and combines.
  • Just get in shape! Help your son or daughter learn the joys of exercise through the FunkTional Training program that will keep the kids engaged while helping them get and stay in great shape.
  • Prevent and treat injuries. I have seen too many children get unnecessary splints, braces, and even surgery because they did not consult with a skilled physical therapist immediately after the injury. Our patients know they can call us immediately after any small injury and have a free phone consultation (that’s the NYConcierge PT experience!) so the injury does not worsen.

Contact us today to see how your son or daughter (ages 7-18) can benefit from our CityKid Movement program!

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