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In 1838 Robert Schumann wrote:

All the music is complete and alive within me, so that I wish to effortlessly breathe it out, but now I can hardly bring it forth; I trip over one finger with the other. This is truly frightening and has already caused me much pain.

I am NOT a musician. Musicians do not object playing for me once they realize that I have no preconceived notions about how they “should” play. I will simply be watching the biomechanics of playing and what they do to the human body. I will not try to change their technique.

The musician will be assessed thoroughly in a functional environment. The musicians bring in their instruments and I will perform an analysis to see what it is that they’re doing and what might be changed to alleviate pain without affecting sound quality. Inevitably, over years and years of playing, posture, strength, and range of motion degrade, causing decreased performance and pain. Some musicians only need that one visit. For those who need a course of injury specific physical therapy treatment, this can be provided by our PT’s. Injury prevention is an inherent component of physiotherapy. All musicians will receive free screenings and consultations, and will only receive treatments if they require them.

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