NYSeniors Strength Program

Navigating a bustling city with millions of people haphazardly walking (many while texting) creates problems for all of us. However, as we get older, our bodies start to progressively weaken, tighten, and lose balance, walking can become dangerous, especially in the icy winter months.

Although getting older is part of life, the deleterious effects of age can be mitigated with targeted exercise. Studies have shown that one of the highest correlations to a long life is how much you walk. However, age related arthritis and osteoporosis can make walking painful. While there is no “cure” for arthritis, studies have shown that a gentle but consistent resistance training and balance program can help decrease pain levels and help keep you doing the things you love doing. Our NYSeniors Strength program has helped our patients avoid surgery, go on the trips they’ve dreamt of, play with their grand (or great-grand) kids, or just to get around the city a bit easier.

Our gentle ManEx Method exercises are even safe for most patients with cardiac, diabetic, or nervous issues. Your Physical Therapist, working closely with your Primary Doctors will decide on a safe and effective program to help keep you healthy and active.

Contact DmitryPT to see if our NYSeniors Strength Program is for you!

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